2019 GMC Sierra Release Date 5/5 (1)

Along with some debuts of Silverado, there is also some news about the 2019 GMC Sierra release date. The Sierra is somewhat the sister ride from Silverado Chevy, so when there is the newest update about 2019 Silverado, there should be a little info about the Sierra.

The Most Current Update

During Detroit international Motor Show 2018, three of the most truck lines were making their debut – the Silverado 2019, the RAM 1500 2019, and also the Ford Ranger. Although the Sierra hasn’t been officially introduced, some of the spyshot images have been around the internet. There are also some accompanying details and the newest updates that you can expect from the Sierra, letting the fact about 2019 GMC Sierra release date aside – only for a while.

Some of the spyshot images seemed to take place in the outskirt of Michigan, during the warm weather. During the debut for Silverado, Mark Reuss, the Vice President of GM claimed that there will be a significant and visible difference between the two – and also from the current models. You can tell from the design of the grille alone, for instance. In Silverado, it looks somewhat rounder while in Sierra, it looks more rectangular and upright. Quite a contrast, huh?

What about the headlights, then? Well, the headlights in Sierra are upright and somewhat bigger – which goes the same with the Silverado. The only similar trait is on the rear but there is also a slight difference – the square look of Sierra creates a big difference of the two. What about the interior cabin? If the company is able to create a difference between the two variants, they should do the same for the interior design. Hopefully, not only the new Sierra will be coming with new technologies and features, it should be coming with improved comfort as well.

Other Expectations

Since there hasn’t been any official confirmation or further announcement, we can only guess and make predictions. It is unknown whether the Sierra will be coming with the same engine arrangement or not. But if the launch of Silverado is giving out any hint, it is hoped that Sierra will be sharing ideas with Silverado. If it is true, then the Sierra will be coming with not only V8 unit with 5.3 liter and possibility V8 unit with 6.2 liter, but also the diesel inline six unit with 3.0 liter capacity. We have to wait for further updates about the price and also the official 2019 GMC Sierra release dateto get more info.

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