BMW 3 Series 2019 Release Date: Will It Be Promising? 5/5 (1)

The news about BMW 3 Series 2019 release date is still shady but some of the leaked images of the sedan undergoing a testing stage have been around the internet. It creates rumors, speculations, and predictions. Considering that 3 Series is one of the most popular variants from Beemer, it is quite understandable if the anticipation is rising – and everyone is hoping and crossing their fingers. Will BMW is doing something dramatic and drastic about their new production?

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About the Newest Updates

As it was mentioned before, the sedan was spotted during the testing winter stage, cruising through the snow for the performance checking and quality drive. This four door luxurious sedan has been planned as the upcoming luxury vehicle, with all the improved technologies and smooth ride. Since it has been planned to replace the F30 model, naturally, you can expect at least the same quality performance from the new 3 Series.

Up until now, there hasn’t been any important detail or data about the new sedan, but there are some facts that have been confirmed. You can expect the new sedan to have a reduced weight, improved styling, more muscles and power, new technologies that even include autonomous driving ability, bigger dimension, and such thing alike. It is possible that there will be M-style package performance that will be included within the new production. No wonder if many people are curious about the details of BMW 3 Series 2019 release date.

The Future and Harsh Competition

Rumor has it that the new 3 Series will be called as the G20 but it hasn’t been official confirmed. It may seem like the ideal production plan for the future 3 Series, but the future competitors are also serious, such as the XE from Jaguar or the C-Class from Mercy. Mercy and Jaguar are tough names in the industry which means that Beemer has to work extra hard to make sure that the G20 3 Series has all the appealing elements that will make it stand out from the other competitors.

The Promising Factors

Although there isn’t much information about the new production of the G20, you can expect all the good things about the new sedan. It may be designed as the compact sedan for family ride, the price tag isn’t exactly ideal for most families in general. If you want to learn more about the specs, you should wait for further info of the BMW 3 Series 2019 release date as well as the price.

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